Our Story

Our Mission

Lactalis US Yogurt is creating a better food system for consumers, communities, and our own families by offering a variety of nutritious yogurts always made with people and the planet in mind. Our commitment to real, simple ingredients is unwavering – inspired by the iconic founders behind our popular brands. From organic yogurt made for babies to protein-packed skyr—we bring joy and pleasure to our consumers through high-quality, nutritious foods. At Lactalis US Yogurt, we believe it is as much about creating a world we want to live in as it is about making yogurt and these two missions work hand in hand. You can find our products on your local grocery shelf by looking for the Stonyfield Organic, siggi’s, Brown Cow, and Green Mountain Creamery brands.

The Lactalis Group Story

We began with a simple and ambitious mission and have since grown into the world’s leading dairy organization.

The Lactalis Group story began in 1933 when founder André Besnier made 17 camemberts in Laval, France. André continued to grow the brand and expand on innovative products until 1955 when his son Michel took over the family business. Under Michel’s leadership, the brand saw extensive growth and continued to expand throughout Europe. By 1980 Lactalis Group opened its first U.S. office in New York City and continued expansion with more offices, plants, and distribution centers across the country. For nearly 90 years Lactalis Group has been growing, adding beloved brands, and following our passion to provide exceptional dairy products to the family table. Lactalis Group is now led by André’s grandson, Emmanuel Besnier, and has over 85,000 employees in 94 countries; people who care about providing healthy products, by connecting people across the globe.

André Besnier, Founder of Lactalis Group

Michel Besnier, CEO of Lactalis Group (1955)

Emmanuel Besnier, CEO of Lactalis Group (Present)

“Lactalis Group is a family business that offers each and every day healthy and tasty products that bring us closer together.”

– Emmanuel Besnier

“Lactalis Group is a family business that offers each day healthy and tasty products that bring us closer together.”

– Emmanuel Besnier

For more information about Lactalis Group and our journey, visit our extended history page.

Lactalis US Yogurt

Lactalis Group established the Lactalis US Yogurt in 2017 and has expanded the company’s product portfolio with brands like Stonyfield Organic®, siggi’s®, Brown Cow™, and Green Mountain®. These important additions to the family of brands ensure Lactalis Group has a very strong array of yogurt options to complement our many other dairy offerings.

Lactalis Group in the United States at-a-Glance

Lactalis divisions in the U.S. include Lactalis Heritage Dairy, Lactalis American Group, Lactalis US Yogurt, Karoun Dairies, siggi’s, and Commonwealth Dairy, with offices, plants, and distribution centers across the country.

The Lactalis Group story, which began in France in 1933 and arrived in the U.S. in the 1980s, has evolved over the years, enriched by the heritage and spirit of each new employee and each acquired business. From our wide assortment of cheeses and yogurts to our butters and UHT milks, American families have been welcoming the Lactalis Group portfolio of local and global product brands into their homes for decades.

Together, we understand the power of food to connect people, unite cultures, and enrich daily life. We’re passionate about bringing the world’s best dairy products to family tables across the U.S.